MnCCC's Mentor/Mentee Program

Mentor Mentee Program

About the Mentor/Mentee Program

The goal of the Mentor/Mentee Program is to create a network of information and be a resource for individuals new to counties or new to their role in counties. Here's what the Mentor/Mentee program will do:

  • Help new county/local government staff or those new to their roles navigate their work in local government with information and assistance with resources, networks, software, support, etc.
  • Help increase involvement with new staff at counties
  • Help build a network for county employees
  • Help build relationships to share information for county employees in similar positions
  • Increase cooperation between counties
  • Increase engaged members with MnCCC

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For more information on MnCCC's Mentor/Mentee Program, click here.

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MnCCC is currently seeking mentors and mentees for the program. To download the application, click here.


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