MnCCC is an example of counties collaborating to solve technology challenges efficiently and effectively.

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MnCCC Spotlight Micki O'Keefe

MnCCC Spotlight: Micki O'Keefe

This month we are featuring Micki O'Keefe, Goodhue county! Micki is actively involved with MnCCC and serves as Chair of the Avenu Tax User Group.

RSVP is now live

RSVP 2.0 Now Live

RSVP 2.0 is now live! Connect with local Minnesota government agencies. Collaborate on software services. Cultivate cost-effective, quality solutions.

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Region 1: Northwest
Region 2: Northeast
Region 3: Southeast
Region 4: Southwest

Click on a county to find your user groups. 

Voting members belong to three or more user groups, have voting rights at the annual membership meeting, and can hold positions on the MnCCC Board. Non-voting members belong to one or two user groups and have full voting rights in the user groups, but not at the annual MnCCC membership meeting.

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MnCCC is a prime example of counties working together to solve challenges efficiently and effectively. By collaborating on technology, counties can stay up to date on this critical operations issue.

~ Julie Ring, Association of Minnesota Counties