Fall leaves background that says happy first day of fall.

It's the Start of a New Season!

Sep 23 2019

This fall stay in the loop with MnCCC! We're sharing great resources to keep you up to speed!Read more

Stephanie Nuttall Spotlight

MnCCC Spotlight: Stephanie Nuttall

Sep 12 2019

This month we'd like to recognize Stephanie Nuttall! Take a moment to read Steph's feature in the MnCCC Spotlight!Read more

Conference with phone placed on table

Oh No! Not Another Conference Call

Aug 12 2019

Oh No! Not Another Conference Call - tips & tricks to improve your conference call experience.Read more

MnCCC Spotlight Martie Monsrud

MnCCC Spotlight

Aug 12 2019

Say hello to our new MnCCC board Chair! Read more

Pat Paquin Spotlight

MnCCC Spotlight: Pat Paquin

Jul 16 2019

In honor of his commitment to MnCCC and his role as a board member, we'd like to recognize Pat's outstanding work serving on the MnCCC executive board! Read more

Duct tape creations

Team Building with Duct Tape

Jun 21 2019

The 2019 MnCCC annual conference theme was Duck, Duck, Great UX! We saw this as an opportunity to play a spin off words and create a Duck Tape ContestRead more