MnCCC Incident Response Plan

The function of this document is to outline a standard incident response plan for Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative (MnCCC). An incident includes but is not limited to perceived or intended disruption of safety and security of confidential employee and/or user information; malicious behavior to obtain classified or sensitive information; and inappropriate or unauthorized entry into the MCIT building and/or the MnCCC suite. Should a breach of security occur, MnCCC must take corrective action to eliminate vulnerabilities that may have caused it.

MnCCC Incident Response Plan (PDF)

MnCCC Incident Repsonse Plan (Word Document)

General Incident Response Contact

For questions regarding MnCCC's Incident Response Plan (updated February 2021), please contact Emily Ladd at

Other Resources

  • Brave North Technology is MnCCC’s information services provider. They offer quick-response IT support, data security and management, and much more.
  • IT CS, LLC is MnCCC’s programming service provider. They offer custom program and database design, along with server setup for website and IT support.
  • Kindem Design provides creative and programming assistance for MnCCC. The company also works with domain providers to obtain and maintain security certificates to ensure website integrity.
  • Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT) is a partner of MnCCC and offers a wide range of insurance for counties and other state agencies, including Data Compromise and Cyber-Attack Coverage.
  • MnCCC is growing its relationship with the Minnesota Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Department of Public Safety. The organization also offers several templates for security documents that agencies can use at their disposal.
  • Minnesota’s FBI headquarters are located in Minneapolis. It is vital to information security and legal practices to alert the FBI in the event of any criminal or fraudulent activity. This office covers the entire states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
  • SecurityStudio offers modern products for risk, compliance, and security leaders to protect critical information. They also offer security assessments and tools to increase organizations’ information security.