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Sherburne County

Intern - Probation Officer

  • Date Posted: 01/12/21
  • Date Closing: 01/31/21
  • Information: Sherburne County Community Corrections will provide a professional work experience to individuals, enrolled in post-secondary education, interested in completing an internship in the field of corrections. Interns will have the opportunity to learn the aspects of pretrial and post-sentence community supervision, supervised by an experienced probation officer. Interns will have the opportunity to work with defendants/offenders in the office and at their school and/or home. Work experience may include attending court hearings, completing various court reports, and conducting meetings/interviews, and case management. Additionally, interns will learn about Evidence Based Practices and how correctional agencies utilize these strategies to promote offender change. This position will primarily work with the adult pretrial unit; however, exposure to all aspects of probation including adult supervision and juvenile pretrial/supervision can be expected. For more information, view this document.

Eligibility Specialist

  • Date Posted: 01/22/2021
  • Date Closing: 01/31/2021
  • Information: This position determines eligibility of State and Federal public assistance programs in Sherburne County and provides case management by assisting individuals and families in re-establishing and maintaining stability, self-sufficiency and independence; by providing services and information on programs available, community resources to enhance people's economic, physical and emotional health; and to meet basic needs for individuals, families, children, elderly and disabled clients. For more information, view this document or visit this webpage.

Social Worker - Child Welfare

  • Date Posted: 01/26/2021
  • Date Closing: 02/01/2021
  • Information: Child Protection case management services protect children from child abuse, neglect and exploitation; to prepare and implement case management plans for the treatment of child abuse, the protection of victims; to participate in legal actions arising from child abuse case activities; and to perform related duties as assigned. For more information, view this document.

Office Assistant - Health Promotions

  • Date Posted: 01/26/2021
  • Date Closing: 02/04/2021
  • Information: To provide administrative and program support for the Health Promotion Unit of the Health and Human Services Department. For more information, view this document.


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